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$299.00 /set of 4

includes 4 Aerotech Caps Aerodynamic Wheel Covers with clear center covers and installation kit

Upgrade to Chrome Center Covers for addtl $60.00/set

Number of Sets

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Aerodynamic Wheel Cover Improves Fuel Economy and SAVES YOU $$$
on Velocity by Discovery

Designed by pilots who know aerodynamics, these light-weight aerodynamic discs fit neatly on any 22-1/2” steel or aluminum rim in minutes — including super-singles! The unique aerodynamic design of or aerodynamic wheel covers allows air to flow more smoothly reducing wind drag and improving mileage to save the average truck driver $1,500 or more each year. learn more

  • 2.44% increased MPG with Aerotech Caps' aerodynamic wheel covers installed on rear tractor and trailer wheels
  • Installs in less than 5 minutes per wheel without special tools — includes our new patent-pending J-clip and tube ring that allows flexibility to fit steel and alloy wheels
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for
    extreme durability
  • New transparent center cap allows easy access to wheel inside.





$695.00 /kit

Kit includes skirt panels, stanchions and mounting hardware for a skirt that will fit on a 48' or 53 trailer



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NEW Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt Moves Air More Smoothly Reducing Fuel Consumption

We've redesigned our trailer skirt to be even lighter and easier to install than our previous Super Skirt. The new design includes a series of stanchions made from TPO (the same material car bumpers are made from) that are easily installed onto the I-beams under the trailer. The outer skirt is made of no-break polypropylene sheets, which is extremely durable. Watch our video to learn more.

  • Manufactured using TPO composite stanchions and No-Break Polypro sheets for extreme durability in a light-weight product
  • Designed for easy installation in minutes using standard tools
  • Innovative bounce-back design allow panels to bend out of the way of most curbs and road objects, and pop back into place without sustaining significant perminent damage
  • Unique integrated support structure locks into place on every other I-beam under the trailer for secure and easy installation


AeroSkirt15BoxsmThe new AeroTech Skirt comes shipped standard UPS in one lightweight box. This cutaway box shows everything as it comes to you.





$350.00 /top kit

kit includes fairings assembled to mounting bracket and hardware

click for more photos and to learn more about how these tail fairings can help reduce fuel consumption

Aerodynamic Rear Tail Fairing Reduces Vacuum Pocket Drag So Less Power Is Needed to Pull Your Trailer

Developed by pilots using the same principals used in designing airplane wings, AeroTech Caps™ trailer fairings attach to the side and top at the rear of your semi-truck trailer and directs air to move more smoothly around the back of the trailer (see illustration), significantly reducing the vacuum pocket allowing your trailer pull with less power.

  • 5% increased MPG when installed on the rear top and both sides of trailer
  • Aerodynamic design reduces vacuum pocket allowing trailer to pull with less power
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite
    for extreme durability
  • Includes hardware and top mounting bracket for easy installation without
    special tools in about an hour





$150.00 /set of 26

set includes 26 Vortex
Generators[VGs] with foam adhesive backing

click for in-use photos and to learn more about how VGs installed on your tractor and trailer can save you money

Vortex Generators Direct Passing Air More Efficiently to Reduce Drag and Improve Fuel Economy

Designed by pilots, these unique vortex generators [VGs] apply quickly and easily around the rear of the truck cab and the rear of the trailer to efficiently direct passing air to delay flow separation and reduce subsequent drag. With less drag your engine doesn't work as hard, reducing fuel consumption and saving you money. learn more

  • Easy installation in as little as 30 minutes without special tools
  • 1% increased MPG when installed on the rear of the tractor and trailer
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite
    for extreme durability
  • High-Quality exterior-grade foam adhesive backing












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