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NEW! Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt Introduction

NEW! Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt Installation





Our aerodynamic trailer skirt, aerodynamic wheel covers and other aerodynamic accessories for semi-truck tractor trailers are designed for extreme durability. We manufacture everything in Michigan at the heart of the automotive industry. We use UV stabilized near 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced composite for our injection molded components that is a standard for exterior parts in the US automotive industry.

Easy Installation

We design every aerodynamic truck accessory we sell to be the easiest installation of any comparable product in the marketplace. We know a quick and easy installation is important, and most of our products can be installed in minutes by one person using standard tools you already have on hand — ensuring you don't lose valuable time on the road.

Excellent Value

We know every penny counts, and we've designed our aerodynamic truck accessories to be the highest quality for much less than comparable products in the marketplace. Our products are designed to ship right to your door using standard UPS — even our trailer skirt! We're confident that you won't find comparable products for a better price, shipped to your door, that installs as fast and easy as the AeroTech family of aerodynamic truck accessories.