AeroTech Caps Aerodynamic Wheel Covers

Designed by pilots who know aerodynamics, these light-weight aerodynamic wheel covers fit neatly on any 22-1/2” steel or alloy semi-truck or trailer rim in minutes — including super-singles! The unique design of our aerodynamic wheel covers allows air to flow more smoothly reducing wind drag and improving mileage to save the average truck driver $1,500 or more each year.

  • 2.44% increased MPG when installed on rear tractor and trailer wheels
  • Installs in less than 5 minutes per wheel without special tools
  • Includes installation kit for steel or alloy wheels (specify when ordering)
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for durability
  • New transparent center cap allows easy access to wheel inside
  • Fleet pricing and custom colors available — please contact us

Sold in set of 4 caps w/ installation hardware included
Available Colors: Silver, Black, White
Material: Fiber Reinforced HD Composite for Superior Strength

Installation Instructions for Alloy Wheel
Installation Instructions for Steel Wheel

$295/set of 4

Kit includes 4 Aerotech Caps Aerodynamic Wheel Covers with clear center covers and installation kit
Upgrade to Chrome Center Covers for additional $60.00/set

Number of Sets




NEW! AeroTech Aerodynamic Trailer Skirt

We've redesigned our aerodynamic trailer skirt to be even lighter and easier to install than our previous Super Skirt. The new design includes a series of stanchions made from TPO (the same material car bumpers are made from) that are easily installed onto the I-beams under the trailer. The outer skirt is made of no-break polypropylene sheets, which is extremely durable. Watch our introduction and installation videos to learn more.

  • Manufactured using TPO composite stanchions and No-Break Polypro sheets for extreme durability in a light-weight product
  • Designed for easy installation in minutes using standard tools
  • Innovative bounce-back design allow panels to bend out of the way of most curbs and road objects, and pop back into place without sustaining significant permanent damage
  • Unique integrated support structure locks into place on every other I-beam under the trailer for secure and easy installation
  • SmartWay verification testing completed and certified by the EPA

Download Installation Instructions

FREE INSTALLATION at our Michigan facility for a limited time!
Schedule a time to stop by our facility in Jenison, Michigan for free installation of your new trailer skirt, and we'll have you back on the road saving money within a couple of hours. Please call (616)252-9110 for scheduling and details.

$595/kit for 2 sides of standard trailer

Kit includes skirt panels for 2 sides, stanchions and mounting hardware for a skirt that will fit on a 48' or 53 trailer



AeroTech Top Rear Tail Fairing

Developed by pilots using the same principals used in designing airplane wings, our aerodynamic rear tail fairings attach to the top at the rear of your semi-truck trailer and directs air to move more smoothly around the back of the trailer, significantly reducing the vacuum pocket allowing your trailer pull with less power.

  • 4% increased MPG when installed on the rear top and both sides of trailer (see side fairings below)
  • Aerodynamic design reduces vacuum pocket allowing trailer to pull with less power
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for extreme durability
  • Includes hardware and top mounting bracket for easy installation without special tools in about an hour

Download Installation Instructions

$395/top kit

Kit includes pre-assembled rear top fairing with installation hardware and bracket





AeroTech Rear Side Fairings

These aerodynamic fairing panels are designed to help direct the air more smoothly around the back of your semi-truck trailer, helping to further reduce the drag caused by the vacuum air pocket. These panels are the same panels used in our aerodynamic rear tail fairing for the top of the trailer. Each is designed to fit between the hinges for the back door.

  • 4% increased MPG when installed on the rear top (see above) and both sides of trailer
  • Aerodynamic design reduces vacuum pocket allowing trailer to pull with less power
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for extreme durability

Download Installation Instructions

$395/side fairing kit

Kit includes 8 fairing panels. Note: Due to the many trailer configuration, mounting screws are not included. You will need to purchase screws that are the right depth for your specific trailer from your local hardware store.




AeroTech Vortex Generators

Designed by pilots, these unique aerodynamic vortex generators [VGs] install quickly and easily around the rear of the truck cab and the rear of the trailer to efficiently direct passing air to delay flow separation and reduce subsequent drag for a more aerodynamic ride. With less drag your engine doesn't work as hard, reducing fuel consumption and saving you money.

  • Easy installation in as little as 30 minutes without special tools
  • 1% increased MPG when installed on the rear of the tractor and trailer
  • Manufactured using UV stabilized fiberglass reinforced composite for extreme durability
  • High-Quality exterior-grade adhesive backing

Download Installation Instructions

SALE $150/set of 26

Set includes 26 Vortex Generators[VGs] with adhesive backing